Stone Windows

Project Description

Charlotte Watson is 23 and has spent the most important years of her life in seclusion. Her family have settled behind the secrets of a sect called The Exclusive Brethren, but an encounter with an old friend and his iPod has Charlotte wanting to stray. She wrestles with staying amongst her family in a world of security, oppression and conservative values or being forever severed from them by rejoining a world she once knew and loved.

STONE WINDOWS is a short film about self-discovery in an environment of conditioning and control. Within Brethren culture, woman are vehemently made second class citizens, technology is forbidden and if you leave the Brethren you are ostracised forever. Charlotte has reached an age where most people make their own life decisions, but should she realise such independence it may cost her everyone she has ever loved. With music reintroduced to her life, feelings reawakened and horrifying encounters with her brutal partner behind the stone windows there are no easy decisions for her to make but now is the time for her to make them.


Brethren Lady

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