ECFC’s Zac Garred talks to SBS’s World News Australia

SBS’s World News Australia spoke to ECFC’s Zac Garred about his support for proposed measures that would relax the way non-Australian actors and crews obtain work visas. The story features clips from the teaser for The Ballad of Les Darcy.

Garred welcomed the proposed loosening of red tape, saying that the existing process of securing Australian government funding for film projects is an onerous one.

“I see it as an unnecessary obstacle or sometimes a bit of a draconican measure that can be difficult to surpass,” Mr Garred said. “Sometimes when you have to come back to American investors and say, ‘we have to go down this avenue’, it puts you behind and it hurts in the long run.”

Garred dismissed concerns held by the actors’ union that the loosening of existing measures would see meaningful roles in Australian films taken up by overseas actors.

“We have too strong a voice and too many stories to tell,” he said. “They’re not going to import the Baldwin brothers to play a role the Hemsworth brothers can do.”

Garred said the vast majority of Australian productions would consider Australians first, “because we work so hard to be the best at what we do”.

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