ECFC releases teaser-trailer for The Ballad of Les Darcy

“Being made perfect, in a small space, he fulfilled a long time.”

ECFC is proud to release the teaser-trailer for The Ballad of Les Darcy.
Funded generously by supporters via Pozible, it aims to generate interest in developing a feature film based on the true story of a remarkable young boxing champion from Maitland, Australia, who put his family before King and country – and paid the ultimate price.

Tom Arthur and Zac Garred


DOP – Gavin Blythe & Allan Brady
Data Wrangler & Camera Assistant – Sam Hutchinson
Editor and Colourist – Shane Burrell
Art Design – Dominic DeCarvelho
Producer – Sam Eather
Sound – Stephen Roberts
Music – Tom Arthur

Mick Hawkins – Tom Oakley
Bat Masterson – John McNeill
Winnie O’Sullivan – Madeline Valentinis
Guvnor Balsa – Andrew Rogers
Maggie Darcy – Felicity Biggins
Pearlie and Edward Darcy – Rhea and Lewis Edden-Moore
Les Darcy – Levi Dunkleman

Our Deepest Thanks To:
All of our wonderful extras from RIPA and within Newcastle and the Hunter who gave their time to be part of the project
Miss Porter’s House & Preservation Society
Wendy and Graham Black at Richmond Vale Railway Museum
Greg Hall
Shane Burrell & all at FinalPost
Peter Fitzsimons
Nick Fordham
Mike King
Rob Darcy and his family
Ricky Kradolfer
Rosemary, Danny and Alexander Garred
Amy, Gerry, Scott, Andrew and Gabbi Arthur
NBN Television
1233 ABC Newcastle
Aaron Kearney
And all within the boxing and historical communities within the Hunter who join us in adding their weight to bringing this film to life.

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