EC/FC Launches

On Saturday June 22nd childhood friends Tom Arthur and Zac Garred will be launching their production company EC/FC. Towards the end of last year, the two young men formed the company to produce feature film, short film and television content for Australian and international audiences.

Tom Arthur is an accomplished musician who was the guitarist in the band FICTIONS. Having released an album and two singles, FICTIONS also toured with The Dukes Of Windsor and supported acts such as Cut Off Your Hands and British India throughout Australia. Tom has a Masters degree in film from the University of Newcastle and topped his year in the field.

Zac Garred is an accomplished actor on stage and screen. His career started at 17 when he starred in the Channel 9/RTE coproduction FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Since then he has had starring roles in Bryan Brown’s TWO TWISTED, the Emmy Award winning SCORCHED: THE COMPLETE STORY, Rebel Penfold-Russel’s acclaimed short ALEX’S PARTY as well as ALL SAINTS, HOME AND AWAY, BLUE WATER HIGH, OUT OF THE BLUE and the feature film NEWCASTLE. Zac also has a Bachelor of Arts in communications and history and studied under Trinity College of London drama tuition where he topped the state in his graduating year.

Surrounded by up and coming Director of Photography Gavin Blyth and established editor Shane Burrell and his company FinalPost, EC/FC has begun assembling a varied slate of challenging and interesting projects that will permeate throughout Australia and the world

“Our motto is simple, good stories well told” Tom and Zac said. “We have access to some incredibly talented people across all fields in the film and television world, they have the capabilities to bring these stories to life in a proficient, productive and extremely engaging way.”

On June 22nd EC/FC will be screening a trailer from its television show in development SIPS and also making an announcement about its feature film THE BALLAD OF LES DARCY.

SIPS is a half-hour dramedy about five employees whose lives are tangled up in the most popular live music venue on the band circuit. Inspired by the narrative style of GIRLS and also iconic television shows such as THE SECRET LIFE OF US and SKINS, SIPS is a new, engaging, immersive and sometimes confronting show with rich characters set in an abrasive, evolving and popular scene in Australian society.

THE BALLAD OF LES DARCY is a feature film about the iconic boxer who was born in to poverty, rose up to be middleweight and heavyweight champion before polarising the world when he chose not to fight in the First World War. Tom and Zac acquired the screen rights to Peter Fitzsimons novel of the same name this year. They will shoot a trailer in July after a fundraising campaign on Pozible. They allowed 6 weeks to raise $2500 but were pledged over $3500 in two weeks. For the feature film they estimate a budget of $8-$10 million. “The support behind this project has been amazing, we knew it was out there but to see it come to fruition is very exciting” Zac said.

Their slate also includes the feature film THE STAR; set in 1979 it is the story behind the infamous riot that occurred when one of the most iconic venues in Australia’s live music scene was forced to close. Their short film STONE WINDOWS is about a young woman who questions her place in the controversial sect, The Exclusive Brethren, when an old flame comes back in to her life brandishing a very familiar object.

“These are all rich and interesting stories that have a broad appeal across audiences. Under EC/FC and working in collaboration with our very talented contemporaries we look forward to bringing these stories to big and small screens throughout the world.”

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